Seco 25 mm Stakeout Mini Prism w/ Site Cones

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  • Features ‘site cones’ that improve vertical angle pointing — the site cones double as tilting-axis lock knobs
  • The adjustable 40-min vial is mounted on the front side and is easy to see and simple to adjust
  • Assembly features a 25 mm copper-coated prism, for fog prevention, a tilting holder with friction axis
  • #6405-10-FOR: 0 or -30 mm offset (mini prism is zero-offset if you reverse the prism)
    • Prism height 50 mm to female 5/8
    • Prism height 100 mm to point
    • Assembly can be mounted on a prism pole or tribach at three heights: 70 mm, 100 mm, 115 mm
    • Assembly can be hand-held using the plumb bob bracket or with S-hook for quick attachment to plumb bob
  • #6405-12-FOR: -17.5 mm (nodal) offset
  • Includes carrying case
  • Flo Orange
  • Weighs 0.30 lb (0.14 kg)