NEDO 1 m Precision Invar Leveling Rod

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Nedo precision Invar leveling rods are used for first-order leveling and for challenging work on large scale construction sites, for example, tunnels, roads, dams or power plants. The graduation of the precision Invar leveling rods is engraved in the paint coating with an interferometrically controlled laser beam, ensuring superior graduation accuracy and edge sharpness. Random graduation errors are less than + 0.015 mm. Nedo precision Invar leveling rods outperform the requirements of DIN 18717 / ISO 12858-1 and set standards in terms of accuracy. 

  • Body of Invar rod made of rigid aluminum profile with anodized surface
  • Yellow lacquered graduation side; print protected by a 0.1 mm polyester coating
  • Invar tape seated in protected groove of staff profile and tensioned by soft spring to compensate the extension coefficient of the rod profile. Extension coefficient: < 1.5 x 10-6
  • Foot plate slightly protrudes from rod body
  • Foot plate of chrome-alloy, chemically nickel-plated steel; hardened and ground
  • Equipped with circular bubble and fold-away handles as a standard
  • The handles are zinced and powder-coated

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