Keson 11 1/2" Metal Professional Spoked Measuring Wheel

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#MP301 - Not far behind the MP401 in popularity, this slightly more compact wheel is a little lower in price without compromising any durability.
#MP301M - Our 1 meter circumference wheel registers a single meter click per revolution. It's about the same size as the MP301.
#MP301DM - This is an industry first - we have 10 evenly spaced pins around the 1 meter circumference of this wheel. The result is a metal wheel that registers in decimeters. 
These Metal Professional (MP) wheels are durable enough to stand up to the harshest field conditions. All feature the industry's best counters with the best counter protection.
  • Innovative design: simple, center-line functionality. Great balance.
  • Huge numbers make for easy reading. Superior protection and placement of the counter: the metal shelf keeps dirt and debris from coming into contact with the critical counter (5 digits, up to 99,999).
  • Rugged 3/4 inch steel frame: tough enough to handle any terrain.
  • Compact fold-down: easily folds in half for storage and portability.
UNITS - feet, meters, or meters & decimeters
WHEEL DIAMETER - 11 1/2" or .318 m
CIRCUMFERENCE -  3 ft or 1 m 
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