Bogside Field Book - Larger Size B64-8x4K #B320-L


Bogside Field Book B64-8x4K (#B320-L)

LARGER SIZE  6" x 9"

  • Quality White water-resistant Ledger paper (50% cotton, 24 lb. stock)
  • Specially formulated for maximum archival service
  • Engineering Field Notebook with 80 sheets (160 pages)
  • Ruled light blue with vertical lines
  • High visibility, WATERPROOF, extra stiff orange covers
  • 16 pages of curve tables and practical information
  • 8 vertical columns 8x4 to the inch

​Elan field books are now made in China. Switch to Bogside for thicker quality paper, consistent bright orange hard covers and the ability to write on the inside cover with pencil.  Made in America quality that is evident with every book Bogside manufactures.


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