ShurMark Marking Whiskers 'the Original' (Case of 1000)

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ShurMark 6" Stake Tracker Bristle Flags (Marking Whiskers) are an alternative marking choice for survey and construction sites, underground utility locating and many other uses. ShurMark is the original inventor of the marking whisker. Made in the USA and virtually indestructible, these APWA color-coded Marking Whiskers™ spring back up when run over by lawn mowers, graders, and heavy equipment. They are easily and conveniently attached to wood stakes or to 60-penny nails (not included). Marking Whiskers have unlimited marking purposes, including: roads, streets, driveways, parking lots, foundations, site preparations, utility lines, survey points, soccer fields, baseball diamonds, mountain bike trails, ski slopes, snowmobile trails, golf courses, nature trails, gardening, landscaping, watering systems, cemetery plots, etc.

  • Installs easily
  • Practically indestructible
  • Resists damage by traffic and heavy equipment
  • Springs back erect after punishment of a grader blade
  • Cuts delays due to lost stakes
  • Will not be obliterated like painted markings
  • Can not be covered over by blowing dust and dirt
  • Will not deface sidewalks or lawns
  • Can be mowed over with minimal damage to flags 
  • Highly visible

Sold in cases of 1000

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