Dutch Hill 'T-Rex' Fiberglass Tripod - Dual Clamp (#T-REX-D)

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Dutch Hill has finally released their 'T-Rex' Tripod, one of the finest all fiberglass/composite tripods on the market.  Since Crain has moved their manufacturing to Mexico, Dutch Hill is the last manufacturer of premium surveying tripods that can truly boast their products are 'Made-In-America'.  Read about the quality for yourself:

  • Cast aluminum extra wide round head
  • Head dimensions 6.5" OD and 2.5" ID
  • Precisely machined top surface
  • Tubular Fiberglass Composite leg design reduces wind push 
  • Fiberglass tube dia. 1.06”
  • Unique wedge clamp for positive locking create a stable platform for robots and scanners. 
  • Machined aluminum quick release handle won’t break like the plastic ones.
  • Engineered thermoplastic PBT glass reinforced molded hinges and feet 
  • Replaceable stainless steel points. 
  • Upper leg retention strap 
  • Aluminum 5/8” thread bell housing and swing arm. 
  • Material of head is aluminum 356 T6
  • Collapsed 43” 
  • 80 lbs. of holding power at each leg at half extension!!
  • 100 lbs. of holding power at each leg at full 72" extension!!
  • Weight: 17.65lb
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Hand Made in Snohomish, WA USA

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