David White Universal Line Transfer Unit

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The David White LT8-300LTU is versatile and ideal for use with pipe aligning laser or as a level-transit. The 360º telescope design allows direct sight below the instrument for pipe laying applications.

  • Powerful 26X optics
  • Accuracy of +3/16-in at 150-ft (4.75mm at 45m)
  • Range up to 400-ft (120m)
  • Optional Laser plummet for quick and easy setup
  • Horizontal circle with lock
  • Glass reticle with stadia lines for measuring distance (ratio 1:100)
  • Plate vial for rough leveling and general plummeting requirements
  • Gravity flow pipe laser setup
  • Measure angles, establishing 90-degrees refernce lines
  • Anchor bolt alignment
  • Aligning forms, walls

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