Dunham & Morrow Metered Magnetic Locator (#DML2000-XRM)

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Dunham & Morrow Magnetic Locator Metered Model: LCD Display

The DML2000XRM is identical to the DML2000XR with the exception that it also includes a visual display (a full 3-1/2" digital LCD panel meter) in addition to the audio output. 

Schonstedt's engineers have over 65 years experience designing and building magnetic sensing instrumentation. They apply this precision engineering approach to underground locating with the DML2000XR extended range series of magnetic locators. 

DML2000-XRM Series Specifications:
Power On – Off, Volume
Sensitivity 6 Ranges, where each range change triples the instrument's sensitivity
Output (Audio) Idles @ 20 Hertz, increases as you approach a magnetic target
(Visual) Bipolar Digital display (± 1999) 
Low Battery Red Flashing LED when you have < 3 hours of operating time left
Battery Life 60 Hours from 4 “AA” Batteries
Overall Length 43" (1.1 m)
Waterproof Length 36" (0.9 m) - top of sensor tube to the tip
Weight ~ 2 lbs (< 0.9 kg)
Objects Located Underground:
  • Hazmat Drums
  • Reinforced Septic Tanks
  • Mag & PK Nails
  • Manhole Covers
  • Marker Magnets
  • Corner Markers
  • Curb & Valve Boxes
  • Steel Enclosures
  • Steel Vaults
  • Steel Culverts
  • Steel Pipe Joints/Transitions
  • Well Casings
Includes: Soft Carrying Case

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